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 Frequently Asked Questions

Is Assurity going to pay off my debts to my creditors?
No. Assurity is not going to pay off your debts. Assurity will assist in determining the actual validity of the 3rd party debt collectors right to collect on your debt. There are many Federal laws that protect the consumer regarding debt collections and we assist our clients in both understanding and using those laws. The monthly service fees that Assurity clients pay supports the substantial staffing and document preparation effort that goes into our comprehensive program. The Assurity service team are specialists in providing our clients multiple options when it comes to navigating the complex world of financial hardship. We are not a Debt Settlement company.
What kinds of debt accounts am I able to enroll in the Assurity debt relief program?
The Assurity team finds the quickest success with a focus on unsecured debt (this is usually credit cards, personal loans and medical bills). However, our debt specialists will review all of your accounts to determine which accounts you might want to enroll in the Assurity program. We can help you determine a particular accounts eligibility but the client always has to make the final decision on if that account should be enrolled in the program or not.
How long is the Assurity Debt Relief program usually and when will I see results?
Every Assurity client has different circumstances so there is not a 100% answer but Assurity generally plans for a 23 month enrollment period as an initial goal but this is subject to change. An additional benefit is that Assurity will provide service on your enrolled debts past our program period until the statute of limitations expires at no additional charge once you graduate from the program. This program can vary from 10 months to 36 months. Client participation is critical to move quickly through the program.
What if I can’t make my monthly payment to Assurity?
Almost every debt specialists at Assurity has been through financial hardship themselves so they can relate to the how our clients are struggling. If you have to miss a payment then call your account manager with as much notice as possible so they can determine what of a variety of options are available to you. The Assurity customer service priority is to always take care of our clients through during the many challenges that happens in life. The specialists will always do everything they can to find a solution and keep you enrolled in the program.
How will my credit score(s) be affected during the program?
All of our clients have a unique financial hardship situation but their credit score lifecycle follows a general pattern of their credit score becoming lower during the first part of the program and then as the client transitions through the standard process of debt transfer from original creditor (usually a major bank) to 3rd party debt collector their scores will generally stabilize at a lower number. The Assurity team will be working with you the entire time to ensure you know your rights as a consumer (to avoid harassment) and also to help you navigate the paperwork challenges of validating your debt with the 3rd party collection agencies. The Assurity financial hardship program provides the most benefits when our client’s debts are in the possession of 3rd party collectors. As the validation process continues the majority of clients will see an increase in credit score. Clients have decide if their priority is a higher credit score or resolving their debt situation. This is a personal choice but rebuilding your credit is very difficult to do when you have a lot of debt so we suggest to prioritize debt resolution ahead of credit score. Please note that at anytime a third party debt collector can return the account to the original creditor.
Am I going to get calls from collectors? Are they ever going to stop?
Collectors calling is a normal part of the process so you will get calls. However the Assurity specialist know the different rules that protect consumers from harassment at both the state and Federal level. Assurity will be able to help you understand the different rules that protect you so that you can stop the calls to the max extent possible. We are not a law firm but have a partnership with a national attorney group that will evaluate your situation for possible harassment. Disclaimer-We are not a law firm or a referral service.
I want to negotiate with my creditors on my own to resolve my debt. Is that okay?
A client is always free to do whatever they want regarding their financial situation and they could dispute their own debt. However, it is a difficult process where experience and industry knowledge are priceless. The Assurity team knows how to navigate our clients situations as quickly as possible with the best overall results but to be clear we do not negotiate on your behalf, we dispute the validity of your debts with 3rd party debt collectors.
How soon does your program start once I am signed up?
The Assurity team starts the next day with reviewing your file to determine if you have accounts we can start disputing and this is dependant on the client’s situation. Assurity client’s who have accounts that are already with 3rd party debt collectors already will start immediately while other clients who have accounts that are still transferring from the original creditor to a 3rd party debt collector will have to wait for that process to complete. We want to start as quickly as possible in order for our clients to see results from our program. Please note that it can take several months before your debt accounts are sold to a 3rd party debt collector where we can take action. The Assurity team however will constantly be reviewing your file, having consulation calls with you, monitoring your credit and providing educational updates that are specific to your situation as well starting with Day 1.
Will my original creditor or 3rd party debt collectors try to sue me?
An original creditor is always within their rights to file a lawsuit to sue any of their account holders or to have your debt taken over by a 3rd party debt collector and/or law firm. Lawsuits are rare but they do occur with some of our client’s and your account specialist is there every step of the way to provide as much support as possible. They generally file a lawsuit as leverage to get you to negotiate with them. We are not a law firm but have partnered with a national firm that specializes in protecting their clients from the collectors. If necessary we will connect you with the law firm and provide them with all of the information that we have in your file (upon your consent) so that they may legally advise you. Any agreement between the client and a law firm is outside the scope of Assurity services because we are not a law firm and we are not responsible for any financial arrangement that a client makes with the law firm.
Do I get any guarantee from Assurity to resolve my debt accounts?
No. Every client has different circumstances with multiple factors so we can’t guarantee results for legal and compliance reasons.

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